Laser Hair Removal

Patients who want the luxury of smooth skin without ever having to shave or wax can benefit from laser hair removal. With a series of non-invasive laser energy treatments, body and/or facial hair can be eliminated for good. Laser hair removal can be customized for patients with a variety of skin tones and hair colors.

The Procedure

The laser hair removal procedure is a simple one. The laser device is held to the target area, and the laser energy heats the pigmented hair follicles until they are destroyed. With the hair follicles unable to grow new hairs, the area will become smoother. The procedure can effectively destroy hairs in the growth phase, which means it will take several treatments performed at six-week intervals to fully destroy all the hair in the target area. Once the series of treatments is complete, hair growth will be eradicated.

Benefits and Results

Laser hair removal can produce smooth, hairless skin that requires no shaving or waxing. Even large areas such as the back, chest, or legs can be successfully treated and purged of hair growth. The treatment can be customized to match your unique hair and skin tone to ensure that your skin is not affected by the treatment. While some patients may have some hair regrowth after their treatment, there will be a significant reduction in comparison to how much hair was present before the treatment. At Skin & Laser Institute, we will do our utmost to help you achieve the results you desire with laser hair removal.